DJ-Classifieds integrator plugin

The long-awaited DJ-Classifieds integrator plugin has been officially released! It's a Joomla tool integrating the YOOtheme web builder with DJ-Classifieds extension.


Now you can create your classifieds website with the help of DJ-Classifieds and Yootheme’s Page builder. Use that solution & build unique classified views for a list of ads in just a few minutes.

The DJ-Classifieds Integrator plugin allows the creation of 8 types of templates. It adds up to 13 dynamic content types and introduces 6 unique builder elements. An additional advantage is the integration with DJ-Classifieds Subscription Plans and DJ-Classifeds Ratings.

Check the plugin's demo site.

The DJ-Classifieds integrator plugin will be included in our upcoming Joomla 4 classified ads quickstart websites.

Learn more from the blog post: Meet DJ-Classifieds integrator - a new Joomla plugin integrating YOOtheme web builder with DJ-Classifieds!