DJ Catalog2 stable released 354

We've just released the 3.5.4 version stable of DJ-Catalog2 - Joomla catalog extension.

Latest update brings new features and bug fixes.

New features are:

  • Page Heading Override - this SEO improvement allows to display DJ-Catalog2 product title as H1, H2 
  • Display link to big Google Maps map if needed
  • New version of Filters Module 

Read more about this DJ-Catalog2 update here.

Joomla Mega Menu Free


We have a great news for all Joomla users - free version of Joomla menu system DJ-MegaMenu was just released!

DJ-MegaMenu free edition is a fully functional menu solution! Of course it comes with limitations comparing to professional version.  

Get free menu for Joomla

Visit DJ-MegaMenu Pro edition page

most popular

Spreadthejoomlalove have presented the Periodic table of Joomla extensions based on users ratings and reviews.
The table brings 7700 Joomla extensions and it includes extensions that belong to JED (Joomla extensions directory). JED is a service provided to the Joomla community, that showcases Joomla components, modules and plugins.


We’ve accomplished work for another client from Germany.

This time it's - Behrendt-werbetechnik - professional manufacturer of illuminated advertising banners. This company is placed in city of Berlin.


J and Beyond 2016 is the International Joomla! Conference held in Barcelona May 20-22 2016.

It's the fantastic event for Joomla Developers and site integrators from around the world.

The conference attracts the top minds in the Joomla world from more than 30 different countries.

We should also mention that we are one of the sponsors of this event.

dj easycontact update joomla 3 5 1

Latest DJ-EasyContact Joomla contact form update fixes issues with Joomla 3.5.1

If you have any issues with emails not being sent with the contact form now that should work correctly.

Download this free contact module for Joomla here.

Check the 1.4.1 version changelog here.

DJ Classifieds php7 joomla3 5 update

DJ-Classifieds Joomla ads extension was updated to 3.4.4 version.

This update comes with fixes for better Joomla 3.5 and PHP7 support.

Along with this update there also come other fixes.

Check the changelog for this version to see the complete list of changes.

DJ classifieds update 3 4 3

We've just updated the DJ-Classifieds Joomla ads extension to 3.4.3 version.

Of course it brings some new features. The most important are:

  • Image Rotator
  • Google Maps API Keys
  • Menu/Categories module updated     
  • Items module improved
  • Button to edit profile

More information about new features you can find in the blog article about the DJ-Classifieds 3.4.3 update.

We've also fixed some problems found by users in 3.4.2 version.
You can check the whole changelog for this version.