dj tabs article faq

Check the latest tutorial and see how easy it is to create FAQ sections inside Joomla articles with DJ-Tabs.

dj megamenu update 42

The latest update comes with an improved way of accessible menu keyboard navigation that improves the experience for users using a keyboard to navigate the menu.

jm joomadvertising updated version109st

JM Joomadvertising Joomla template updated to version 1.09.

blogpost djtabs2

Version 2.0 of DJ-Tabs brings many changes including 4 new themes, access level control for each tab, an updated admin panel, and more.

djcf profile user account options

We have prepared a tutorial article to explain step by step the possibilities to configure user account in DJ-Classifieds.

dj catalog2 update39 new features

The latest eCommerce & directory Joomla extension 3.9 version brings many useful changes.

zonestore update djcat2 39 new

JM ZoneStore Joomla eCommerce template has been just updated. The latest version brings few improvements, bug fixes, and the new version of Joomla and extensions.

dj league 1.0.2 1

The free Joomla extension / DJ-League has been improved with one feature.