Company website - product description

Presentation of the company on the Internet or business card page, describing your business and inclining potential customers to take advantage of the presented offer.

We offer a solution that will be implemented quickly, efficiently and at an affordable price.

As a result of our activities, a complete website will be created, installed at the selected address and provided with relevant content, photos.


is the total cost of a complete website for your company

Order a website for business or contact us to discuss the details!

3 types of appearance to choose from

 Check versions of demonstration versions (below are previews of proposed layouts + links to Demo pages).

Thanks to this service you will receive a fully working website with features (each of the following features is optional and it depends on you what we will build a website for you):

  • Menu
  • Information headline
  • Blog with articles or news from your company
  • List of your company's services
  • Team
  • Price list of services or products
  • Box "About us" where you can present information about your activity
  • A flexible solution for inserting image galleries, along with descriptions - a great tool for publishing all kinds of portfolios
  • Contact page with the Google map
  • Module for inserting your clients' opinions (scrolling)
  • A place to insert links to social networks
  • Place for inserting the logo of cooperating companies ("They trusted us")
  • We can also expand the website with new elements


Zobacz demo →
Wersja 1
Zobacz demo →
Wersja 2
Zobacz demo →
Wersja 3


What does the service include?

01Domain purchase, free hosting for 1 year *

02Modifications to the graphic template

  • we choose colors for the logo and industry
  • we will select the most suitable fonts (from the google fonts library)
  • we will prepare a navigation structure (menu) based on the provided sitemap
  • we will put a slider from the supplied photos on the front page (similar to the given template)
  • we will change the logo to the one provided

03Configuration and implementation of content on the website

  • we will place the content provided (the price includes up to 8 subpages)
  • we will put the supplied photos (up to 10 items)
  • we will configure selected elements (section "portfolio" / section "what we do" / section "team")
  • we will configure modules on subpages

04 Installation of the configured website on the designated hosting server ** (or our hosting)

05 CMS Joomla! Remote training

The training lasts one hour and includes:

  • adding items / items to the portfolio,
  • adding articles to the blog (+ tag support)
  • support for typography on the site, the ability to use stylized elements such as:
    • citations
    • letters
    • button
    • icons
    • calling the off canvas module (side menu)
    • styles for pictures
    • headings
    • text colorful blocks 
    • text blocks with icons


In Addition

For only $9 per month, we will provide technical care consisting of

  • current Joomla update! and extensions ***
  • current backups
  • anti-virus scan

The possibility of installing additional features

  • product catalog
  • online shop
  • advertising service
  • commenting / rating system
  • attractive gallery and video gallery system
  • calendar of events
  • conducting sports events
  • additional forms
  • newsletter (possibility of subscribing to newsletter + newsletter project)
  • any functions on request
  • integration with external systems (eg integration of a shop with Wfirma, etc.)

Additional services

  • optimization of the website's speed
  • implementation of WCAG elements
  • preparation of content (copywriting)
  • individual project
  • DTP design
  • logo design
  • extended training (also at the customer's premises)

What you get

  • bonus in the form of a 33% discount on any component from
  • discount for another implementation service
  • free domain and hosting for a year
  • online training
  • submitting a new page to Google

Why is it worth to order such a website?

  • For a reasonable amount, you get a professional presentation on the Internet
  • The website offered by us has the ability to easily expand in the future with additional features. It can therefore grow with the development of your company
  • You can administer the page yourself by adding new content and important information for your clients
  • Technical problems will not be your problems. You can focus all your attention on running a business. By entrusting us with technical care, you gain comfort and safety.
  • This site can be implemented quickly. It's the perfect solution for starting businesses with a small budget or if you have to prepare a llanding page for a specific product or event in a short time.

Order a website for business or contact us to discuss the details!

* in subsequent years from hosting $14 net per year (depending on the page capacity)
extending domain - usually from $28 net per year
** the server must meet the requirements for Joomla!
*** applies to the current Joomla!
for commercial extensions of other companies, a valid subscription is required