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Scope of work:

The website of the 'Wilk' Association for Nature-based on CMS Joomla, a customized graphic template.
As part of the implementation, we prepared the website structure, implemented the content, and prepared a donation system including:
1.support for one-time payments - module related to the online payment system - transfers24
2. support for recursive payments - a component that allows automatic, cyclical collection of payments from donors by charging credit cards (based on the declaration of the person deciding to subscribe to the Association)

About the project:

The "Wilk" Association has existed since 1996. And since 2006, it has the status of a public benefit organization.

The organization deals with the protection of nature, and especially activities for the benefit of predatory mammals - wolves, lynxes, bears, otters, badgers, and other species.

The 'Wilk' Association for Nature conducts its own scientific research and cooperates with specialists from various fields. He engages scientists and nature conservation practitioners as well as nature lovers in the implementation of his projects.

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