Examples of projects and implementation of websites


Scope of work:

On behalf of and in cooperation with OneCompany Sp. z o.o. we have completed work for the Kupsa company:

  • Mockups, preparing/styling a template for CMS Joomla
  • Implementation of the product catalog
  • Import of products with attributes and attachments

About the project:

Our OneCompany partner is a company that provides comprehensive marketing services. They help in building brand awareness and its value. They support sales, create a visual identification system. They develop and implement marketing strategies in various traditional and internet channels.

Our client - KUPSA Coatings Sp. Z o.o. is a paint manufacturer with a 50-year tradition. The company comes from Spain. In its long, multi-stage history, from the very beginning, it has focused on the quality of products and technologies for the protection and finishing of wood and wood-based surfaces. In 2019, they celebrated the company's 50th anniversary. Half a century of experience obliges. Therefore, they continuously invest in research and qualified technical and technological staff to ensure that the products are professional and modern.

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