Jakiś czas temu pojawiła się całkowicie nowa opcja umożliwiająca włączenie przyspieszenia stron mobilnych AMP. Czym jest AMP?

There is a completely new option to enable the acceleration of AMP mobile pages. What is AMP?

AMP, or exactly explaining, Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project, and in principle a technological standard that allows you to build the so-called. "light versions" of websites.

Pages containing AMP information load quickly and look good on mobile devices (matching the screen size and resolution), they can also enjoy special viewing privileges in Google search results.

To display AMP pages on a Joomla site, you need a wbAMP plugin.

As the authors of many interesting and functional solutions for Joomla, we introduced the sale of JM AMP plugin containing theme (theme) for AMP sites and plugin integrating the component for DJ-Classifieds ads from wBAMP, which is required to display AMP pages for DJ-Classifieds on websites Joomla.

In order for our plugins to work properly, it is necessary to install a special plugin, for example: wBAMP.


WbAMP is a Joomla plugin that integrates AMP project guidelines with Joomla sites. There are two versions: free and full version. The full version of course offers a lot more settings and control over AMP pages.

As part of the services, we offer the installation of the above mentioned accessories and help in their configuration, so that they work properly.

It is worth noting that since AMP is a technology developed in an open source environment, it causes that there is unlimited access to it and you can make your own modifications and changes.

This means that we are also able to prepare various proprietary solutions for AMP websites.