The Joomla CMS system can be easily and quickly mastered thanks to a professional training.

We offer such training in online options or courses at your company's office.

We focus on practice, we can educate editors and administrators at such a level that each participant of the training is able to independently perform all exercises covered by the program. The effect of such activities is the self-realized website.

What do the courses look like? The training participant performs the tasks prepared by the instructor on the work page prepared especially for the training (it can be a copy of an existing company or institution site). Even for 2 weeks after the training, participants have access to a work page where they can consolidate knowledge and practice new skills.

The training is also associated with additional benefits for the client - read more at

Our trainings for administrators, IT specialists and developers are carried out by experienced practitioners, designers of templates in and components from

Our lecturers are specialists in their field, because every day they deal with often very complex implementation works for our clients, they have enormous knowledge and experience.

For many years, we have been supporting the Joomla community and we are actively participating in her life in Poland and in the world. Thanks to that, we know the latest solutions and trends related to content management systems.