Websites built on popular solutions such as Joomla! whether Wordpress are, due to its universality and code availability, prone to burglary. We have helped clients whose websites have been attacked many times.

Infecting a website with malware is the source of many problems for its website owner, such as:

  • blocking the site in search engines and the related decrease in visits to potential customers or sales in the cases of online stores
  • entering the server into spammer blacklists, which prevents e-mail communication
  • compromising changes on the site (links to pornographic sites, etc.)

Cleaning the page and restoring it to a proper mode of operation is usually labor-intensive and, consequently, expensive. However, you can reduce the risk of hacking the site and the damage associated with it to a minimum by taking care of the current Joomla updates and add-ons used and making backups. We realize that remembering it can be tiring and finding time to do the necessary actions can be difficult.

That is why we have introduced the website care service. Using dedicated tools we provide:

  • Joomla updates *

  • add-on updates **

  • weekly backups

  • automatic validation of backups

  • automatic testing of site operation after each update

  • security auditscanning the site for malicious software

  • 2GB of backup space for each page

* only simple updates (eg 3.5 -> 3.6), the service does not include migration (eg from 2.5 to 3.x) which we can perform as part of a separate order

** when using commercial solutions, the customer is obliged to maintain active subscriptions.

The cost of the service that will allow you not to worry about whether your site is safe is PLN 199.00 netto / month.



Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

No, we are available from Monday to Friday from 9.00-17.00

What happens if the extension used on the site ceases to be supported.

We continue to monitor the extension as before. If it does not cause problems, it remains on the page.

What if the update causes a page crash? Will the repair be charged extra?

We immediately restore from the backup copy of the version from before the update to ensure that the site will continue to work. Then we will inform you about the problem. The solution of problems requiring a lot of work or caused by the user or own modifications of additions may be additionally payable. Before we start work, we will contact you to set up a plan of action.

Does the care also contain help in the party administration?

No, care does not include work related to the content of the website, preparation of menus, modules or installation of extensions. All these things that we can deal with as part of separate orders.