Current research and observation shows that more than 90% of website administrators and website owners disregarded the regulations on the protection of personal data (RODO) coming into force on 25 May.

Unless the previous regulations were strictly enforced, it will not be easy for Rodo. Predicted penalties are very severe and in extreme cases they can lead to the collapse of the company!

A translation of a breach of the terms of consent for data processing may cost 20 million euros or up to 4% of the company's annual turnover.

Familiarize yourself with our article related to the GDPR.

If you have not already introduced the rules resulting from the Rodo regulations, it is not too late. We will help you implement these rules as soon as possible.

Interested in adjusting the Joomla website to GDPR? We can do it for you. Contact us to get more details about the offer to adapt the website to Joomla to the GDPR requirements.