The e-commerce industry is developing very dynamically and will continue to grow. Physical stores probably do not disappear, but a significant portion of customer purchases is done via the Internet.

This trend is increasing, and in the coming years, every major entrepreneur will have an online sales platform for their products and services.

That's why it's worth thinking about building your online store today.

If you're already looking for the perfect online store for Joomla, then you're in the right place.

Familiarize yourself with details of the offer (the ready site from $695)

By using OpenSource platforms and available components, building your commercial infrastructure on the Internet does not have to be a difficult task.

We recommend a solution based on Joomla! and our DJ-Catalog2 store component, which has been collecting the highest marks in the global catalog of extensions for years.

Essential functions of our online store:

  • easy and intuitive product card creation and adding multiple illustrations
  • cooperation with any graphic template
  • the ability to add attachments, e.g., user's manual
  • a full possibility of defining additional fields for the product (to be used in generating product variants and for filtering on specific features)
  • field grouping feature that makes it easier to use them in products
  • the possibility of a group change of product prices (on one list)
  • the ability to add videos in product descriptions & nbsp;
  • intuitive to use, ergonomic shopping basket
  • ordering products by registered users but also by guests
  • ability to create different payment methods and delivery
  • Polish and foreign plugins payment, eg, Paypal, Przelewy24
  • product variants
  • visually appealing product presentation
  • intuitive search engine with the ability to create your unique filters
  • product comparison engine
  • any number of categories and subcategories
  • VAT and VAT EU (validation of the EU NIP number through the VIES system)
  • different VAT rates depending on the buyer's country
  • compliance with RODO (GDPR) - read what is RODO
  • discount coupon support
  • automatic invoicing for paid orders
  • client panel with access to historical orders

    Our shopping system has been constructed in a search engine friendly format. It contains SEO facilities, which makes it much easier to position itself in search engines than the competitors' products.

    As the authors of the component, we can make any modifications to it, depending on the needs of your business.

    Familiarize yourself with details of the offer (the ready site from $695)

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