Do you want to make money from ads and paid promotion of ads? We will create a modern and functional advertising portal for you quickly and effectively.

This is possible thanks to the use of our favorite advertising script - DJ-Classifieds, which is an ideal solution for these types of websites.

We have built or participated in the construction of many advertising portals, e.g.

Users using our solutions built, for example:

The operation of the add-on allows users to add notices such as: buy, sell or exchange, conduct auctions or even direct sales between users.

The component is built in such a way that you can set up what you want to charge users (for example. Advertising, additional photos, the more extended description, promotions, etc.) which allows you to earn using the portal.

Get acquainted with the offer details - the announcement page from $530 net

Some of the available functions:

  • The possibility of earning on added advertisements in various models (payment for advertisement, additional photos, promotions, "raises", various prices for adverts in various categories (eg, part of the category may be free, and part of the fee/fee for adding to the category may be fixed individually for each category) and many other options for charging users
  • Extensive search engine with additional fields. Different additional fields can be assigned to different categories. For example, in the work category, you can display a different set of fields, and in the motorization category completely different. Thanks to the AJAX application, the results appear instantly without reloading the page
  • Locations - you can enter any number of locations and divide them in any way (country, city, other)
  • Any additional fields - different types of fields that can be freely displayed in advertisements, user profiles, contact form,
  • Point payments - the ability to buy "credits" by users who can keep in their portfolio and pay them for different actions on the site. You set the point value and the price in points for individual shares
  • Take care of SEO thanks to the possibility of setting the structure of links
  • Integrations with external systems, e.g. facebook comments, social networking systems, attractive display of new or promoted advertisements and many more
  • High efficiency - our system can be optimized to work with a large amount of data, one of the portals we work on has over 500,000 active ads
  • User profiles with expanded fields, for example, you can allow users to add avatars to your account, send documents to administrators in a way that is invisible to other users for verification and then grant a "badge" - a verified user.
  • Additional modules - statistics in the admin panel, website statistics (how many active ads, how many added, etc.), statistics of individual ads in an attractive graphic form, category module, map, user, etc.
  • Email notifications alert about new announcements according to saved criteria
  • Of course, you can also add photos, videos, and attachments to the ads

We have a comprehensive collection of ready-made websites for Joomla designed and configured to enable the immediate creation of a working portal with announcements. You can run this package yourself, or it can be a high starting point to build a whole new page. Each of the ready templates can be easily modified and adjusted.

Everything happens automatically. Fees can be charged via secure online payments. We have prepared a lot of integration with Polish and foreign payment systems, and we can also integrate the system with any payment method.

It is also not a problem to integrate our solutions with external systems, for example:

  • import of announcements or entire structures from other systems
  • application of additional solutions such as observation of announcements, sub-coverage packages, view of searches (email notifications about announcements fulfilling recorded search criteria, and many other applications that extend the solution's operation. 

Get acquainted with the offer details - the announcement page from $530 net