Customers often ask us for two services related to filling their pages with content.

The first one is data import. Imagine that company X wants to create a new page with a catalog of products that would like to base on DJ-Catalog2. On the current page, the company X has descriptions of 2,000 products in 30 categories and each of the products is presented in 5 photos. The idea of manually transferring such amount of content effectively discourages you from starting work on the new site. Quite wrongly because as long as the product catalog on the current page has an ordered structure, we can perform a one-time data import. Our programmer gets acquainted with the structure of the catalog and prepares a script that transfers descriptions and photos to the appropriate tables of the DJ-Catalog2 component.

Such a service is justified if it is necessary to transfer large amounts of data. For 20-30 products, it usually does not make economic sense.

The second, more complicated, service is to prepare integration with some external service. Integration, like import, can be used to supplement the component with data made available, for example, by large classifieds websites or tools for auto-ownership ( or real estate agents.

Depending on the client's needs and technical capabilities of the service or program with which the component is to be integrated, data can be downloaded from outside and published in the component or vice versa, inserted into the component and exported to an external site.

An example is the integration of DJ-Classifieds with the program in which the owners of the car companies place advertisements, then published automatically on various advertising portals. We have prepared for the client a tool that automatically imports advertisements from .xml files placed on the client's server by

We have carried out similar integration for a real estate agency which publishes its offer on several important advertising portals. It uses for this program which prepares data in the format required by each of the websites. Because the client additionally wanted to publish offers on their website, without having to enter them manually, we prepared a tool which automatically imports the data from the .xml file prepared in the format required by the OtoDom service to the catalog component. The solution is completely maintenance-free, the customer without having to manually enter data on the website, knows that he always has the current offer on it.

Another example of integration with external sites is not data replenishment, but extending the functionality of the website.
Such solutions allow adding to the DJ-Classifieds component SMS notifications for users or administrators or verification of the telephone number provided in the advertiser's profile in DJ-Classifieds.

DJ-Classifieds is a great tool for displaying ads and DJ-Catalog is perfect for presenting all types of products or offers.
In both, you can publish thousands of ads or products but the problem is the manual input of large amounts of data.