jmcom dj canonical update

DJ-Canonical - the free Joomla plugin version 1.1 released with 2 new features.

how build classifieds website

Discover basic steps before you start working on your classifieds website.

dj classifieds 381 update

The Joomla classified ads extension has been updated with 37 new features and 44 fixes.


dj mega menu 41 beta ver

The 4.1 Beta version of the DJ-MegaMenu / Joomla menu system has been released

PayNow payment plugin

PayNow is a newly released payment plugin for the DJ-Catalog2 component.

dj mediatools 2.16.5

The updated gallery and slideshow extension for Joomla is here. The latest 2.16.5 version brings few improvements and few bug fixes.

new Joomla template

Nowadays, eco-friendly solutions, green technologies, and the earth's environmental protection are becoming trendy topics. Check the multipurpose eco Joomla template designed to present your company online.

free joomla modules updated

We have updated 6 free Joomla modules improving them with several useful features starting from important accessibility adjustments to adding new settings options that you will find helpful for sure.


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