dj extensions intro xmas 20

Still believing in Santa! Christmas SALE.

dj classified ver 3.8 stable

Big & stunning DJ-Classifieds UPDATE. The latest 3.8 release brings Full field groups to support, Conditional fields app, Recurring payments, Yandex Maps support.

Joomla 4 new workflow

Joomla 4 brings a Workflow feature: a new way of managing the articles and blog on the website.

dj classifieds 38 rc releaseThe 3.8 RC version of the classified ads extension for Joomla has been released.

jm black friday 2020 sale

Now it’s this time of the year when you finally can grab all those goods you’ve been saving up money.

DJ-Extensions Black Friday Sale

The most significant sale discount of the year. The International day of discounts is almost here, and there is no better time to save some money.

Email templates Joomla 4

Joomla 4 users can fully control the content of the emails sent from their websites.

MediaTools presets

We have prepared a set of free DJ-MediaTools presets. The collection includes 10 presets, each with a different style, and each can be used for a different purpose.