dj integrator events

Meet DJ-Events integrator - NEW Joomla plugin integrating YOOtheme PRO & DJ-Events!

Affiliate program

We've launched the affiliate program - join it and earn money with us.

DJ WcagImprovement en

Meet our new release! DJ-Wcag Improvement is a new WordPress and Joomla 4 accessibility plugin dedicated to the YOOtheme web builder.

DJ-Classifieds 3.9.1 update

The DJ-Classifieds ver. 3.9.1 with new useful features and a huge bunch of improvements has been released.

 dj mega menu 4 3 6

The latest Joomla 4 Menu extension update includes new submenu features and a few minor changes.

DJ-AudioList plugin

DJ-AudioList is a new WordPress and Joomla 4 plugin for the YOOtheme Pro web builder. With DJ-AudioList, you can easily create your lists of playable audio files. 

eight language packs dj accessibility

DJ-Accessibility plugin for Joomla & WordPress has been improved with 8 language packs.