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Lena Lighting S.A.

Implementation of the site based on the design provided by the client:

  • making a graphic template on the Yootheme framework
  • implementation of product catalog based on Dj-Catalog2 and Dynamic Content
  • making szaregu elements for the Yootheme web builder

O projekcie

Lena Lighting S.A. is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality lighting systems and luminaires integrated with a light source in the form of an led panel.

Since 2005, the company has been listed on the main market of the Polish Stock Exchange.

It is a lighting manufacturer that has been present on the market for many years (the company was founded in 1989), so they know practically everything about lamps and lighting systems: they research their capabilities, test and produce them. 

For  Lena Lighting S.A. we have worked before doing landingpage for  ClueCity and ClueIN systems. Therefore, we know how demanding this client is.

However, we took on the task of implementing the main corporate website.

The graphic design turned out to be so demanding that in addition to the standard template styling, quite a few more or less advanced technological elements and solutions had to be created to meet the client's requirements.

All this resulted in a slightly longer implementation time than we estimated. But the final result turned out to be worth the expense.

The entire implementation was based on the modified content of the earlier version of the site (new graphic design, replacement of most of the vetting, modification of some of the content).

The previous version of the site was based on CMS Joomla!. So the administrators were used to this system. However, we decided that the new version of the site should not just be graphically refreshed.

It should also represent a new quality in terms of content management. It should be intuitive to use and structured in such a way that even quite complex graphic and textual content can be created and edited independently.

So the obvious choice was Yootheme PRO. One of the most important indications was the intuitiveness of use, but also the fact that it is the only webbuilder that, using professional technologies (Vue.js, UIKit), provides a solution for multiple platforms and allows developers to create their own solutions and extensions.

Another indication was that the client was already using our eCommerce DJ-Catalog2 component, using it in catalog mode. At the time of discussing the potential implementation, we already had an extension on Yootheme PRO that allows full integration of the webbuilder with our component.

The technology based on Dynamic Content that Yootheme provided for Joomla core elements (articles, categories) has been extended by us to connect with objects in DJ-Catalog2: categories, products, additional fields and also sections, files, attachments.  

It was this possibility that ultimately determined the choice of platform and the way the task was carried out.

However, the graphic design provided by the client contained a large number of elements whose appearance and design differed significantly from the capabilities built into Yootheme PRO. Therefore, special elements had to be created for the webbuilder that would meet the designers' requirements. 

As part of the order, in addition to preparing 
the template, new elements were created

Slideshow with video support and additional counter


New element based on Yootheme PRO built-in slideshow with additional counter and options to set counter display position (e.g. top left). The element is also used on other subpages (with slightly different configuration and style).

New overlay slider

overlay slider

A new element based on Yootheme PRO's built-in overlay slider with modified navigation between elements.

Product search engine
with prompts


Product search engine with prompts that take into account additional indexes included in the variant tables located in the product card sections.

Product lists

listy produktowe

In the products section: the ability to create different product list templates for different categories based on dynamic content for dj-catalog2.

Product cards

karty produktowe

In the products section: creating product cards based on a template or individually for a product, which are also based on dynamic content for dj-catalog2.

Filtry produktowe

filtry produktowe

In the products section: advanced filtering of products based on additional fields.

Viewing ajax

ajax search

In the news section, a new type of dynamic content for articles that allows sorting and ajax loading of more items from the list.

Floating section column

sekcja pływająca

In the sections realizations and about us: a floating column in the section.

Modified akoreon


In the about us section: accordion with content reading.



In the about us section: a new timeline feature - the company's history.

Forms system


With Essential Addons for YOOtheme Pro, we made it possible to create forms directly in the webbuilder, however, expanding this stystem with additional useful features - we added the ability to save to database, view and manage records, export to CSV - we added integration with FreshMai system after API. So you can create an elegant newsletter signup form in FreshMail system that is consistent with the look of your site - we added recurring fields.



In the download section: based on the grid element, we have created a tool for presenting and downloading product catalogs in PDF. Catalogs can be downloaded to disk or opened in a browser window as an attractive flipbook presentation.